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Solid(Hil)arity Forever

Comedy, Storytelling and Community-care--Solid(Hil)arity Forever is a comedy show but it’s more about coming together and creating a unique space for activists to laugh about some of the crazy shit we’ve experienced while working towards justice.


Chicago comic Arish Singh is a co-producer of the show with Kristin. Arish's comedy is politicly progressive and focusses on today's headlines. You may remember him as the brave Sikh man who stood up to Trump’s Muslim bashing in Iowa City! 


Each edition of SHF functions as a fundraiser for a progressive Chicago organization. Past recipients have been Warehouse Workers for Justice, Mothers Against Violence and Incarceration, Latino Union of Chicago, Jobs with Justice, and the Grassroots Collaborative. Our last show benefited Latino Union of Chicago and raised $1,760! 

Our next show will benefit

Latino Union on Dec. 1st at Hairpin Arts

More details coming soon! 


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