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Past Performances


Let's Fest- Fort Wayne
Milwaukee Comedy Festival 
Madison Comedy Week
Great Spirit Comedy Festival 
Altercation Comedy Festival-Austin
Bird City Comedy Festival-Phoenix 
Beast Village Comedy Festival-Des Moines
Lady Laughs Festival-Madison
Cream City Comedy Festival-Milwaukee
Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival-Columbus 
Floodwater Comedy Festival-Iowa City
Chicago Women's Funny Festival
Oak City Comedy Festival- Raleigh
Champaign Urbana Comedy Festival    
Clubs & Shows:
Comedians You Should Know-Chicago
Laugh Factory-Chicago
House of Blues-Chicago
Zanies-Chicago & Rosemont
Lincoln Lodge-Chicago
The Hard Times
Skyline Comedy Club-Appleton 
The Laughing Tap- Milwaukee
Comedy Beast- New Orleans
Comic Strip-New Orleans
Haegs and Butts-New Orleans
Laugh Box- Green Bay 
High Dive-Chicago
The Comedy Bar- Chicago 
The Comedy Bar-Toronto
Comedy Kapow- Toronto 
Laugh Sabbath- Toronto 
Yeah Buddy Awesome Time-Chicago
We Still Like You-Chicago
Our Little Comedy Club-San Fransisco 
Brainwash-San Francisco
Mission Position-San Francisco
Monster Comedy- Denver
Chain Reaction Brewery-Denver
Sweet Licks- Denver
Fox Valley Comedy- Appleton 
The Drop-South Bend
Ladylike-Chicago, Milwaukee 
The Lyric Room-Green Bay
Guest List Comedy-Chicago
Loudmouth Cunts-Seattle
Strip Joker-Chicago
Just Right-Philadelphia
Laughing Liberally-Chicago
Laughing Liberally-Milwaukee 
Comedy Cafe-Milwaukee 
Off the Record-Chicago
Tattler Tales-Chicago 
Are You Smarter Than a Comedian?-Chicago
Secrets, Lies, and Alibis-Chicago
Don't Kid Yourself-Chicago 
What the Hipnonics-Chicago 
We Do-Philadelphia
Yagger's- Vancouver
Cord's Comedy-Vancouver
King's Head Comedy-Vancouver
Goldie's Comedy-Vancouver
Vomity- Olympia
Feminist Happy Hour-Chicago 
Best Night Ever-Chicago 
Reeds Human Comedy Showcase-Chicago 
Arguments and Grievances-Chicago 
Democracy Burlesque-Chicago 
Sad Sacks and Wise Cracks-Chicago 
Sad Trombone-Austin
Sure Thing-Austin
In the Treehouse-Austin
Comedy Corner Underground-Minneapolis 
Memphis on Main -Urbana    
Tuxedo Cat Comedy-Chicago     
The WIP-Chicago 
Just Dickin' Around-Chicago    
Comedy Secrets-Chicago 
Boy Kisses- Minneapolis 
Proxy Morons-Chicago    
Detroit Comedy Underground    
The Monday Night Comedy Show-Minneapolis 
Surprise Party-Chicago     
Performance Anxiety-Chicago 
Feast of Fun-Chicago     
Cupcake Cabaret-Chicago 
The Kates-Chicago  
Two Hour Comedy Hour-Chicago
Ego Trip Club-Chicago     
Soma Ultra Lounge-Champaign     
Wonder Bar Comedy-Chicago     
Bizarro Bash 3000!--Chicago      
Truth or Lie Reading Series-Chicago     
Loose Chicks-Chicago    
Mom Genes-Chicago 
Shithole- Chicago    
7 Deadly Sins-Chicago     
Cubby Bear Comedy-Chicago        
Black Out Diaries-Chicago          
Rat Pack Comedy
Appetite for Storytelling -A Rock & Roll Storytelling Show-Chicago   
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