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Kristin Lytie

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Kristin Lytie is a stand up comedian living in Green Bay, Wisconsin. She cut her teeth in the Chicago comedy scene and was even named a “Comic to See” by the Chicago Tribune. Kristin is a regular at Wisconsin comedy shows and travels the country to perform between union meetings. She was named "Comic of the Week" on the popular podcast, The Jackie and Laurie show. Kristin has opened for Eddie Pepitone, Bobcat Goldthwait, Kyle Kinane and Laurie Kilmartin to name a few. Kristin has performed in the Altercation Comedy Festival (Austin, TX), Limestone Comedy Festival (Bloomington, IN), the long running Milwaukee Comedy Festival and many more. She recently recorded her first album, Disassociation Vacation live at Altercation Fest for Burn this Records out of Los Angeles. It debuted at number one on iTunes and Amazon in April of 2024. It will be released on vinyl in May of 2024. ​

An eternal optimist, she has worked in progressive politics for the past fifteen years as a community and union organizer. That passion has brought her back to Green Bay, Wisconsin. Her comedy is a product of her core beliefs of justice, equality and DIY ethics. She also hosts Bloody Mary, a podcast about horror movies. Guests range from comics to professors to organizers- all talking about their favorite horror movies! 

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